These DC Police Officers Out-Earn The Mayor

Role: Contributing Graphic Designer

Year: Junior

Software: Datawrapper


As a graphic design intern for the Investigative Reporting Workshop, I got to work with IRW's Aarushi Sahejpal to design the two graphs featured in this story. We worked with Datawrapper to curate graphs that were meaningful, accessible, and engaging. My primary role in this process was to ensure that the graphs were visually pleasing and accessible. I worked a lot with matching the correct colors and making sure that the graphs didn't lose their meaning. 

This process taught me a lot about everything that goes into data visualization. I took Professor Sahejpal's Quant Methods for Journalists class last year, where he taught me the foundations of collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data. It was such a full circle moment to follow Prof Sahejpal as he spent months collecting and cleaning this data and then being one of the final says on these graphs.