Her Campus

Role: Social Media Director

Year: Sophomore and Junior

Software: Canva and Adobe Illustrator

One of my on-campus extracurriculars is Her Campus at American University. Her Campus is a national organization that has chapters across several colleges. At HCAU, we are a female and non-binary student media organization. We publish articles online and in our end-of-semester magazine. 

I joined Her Campus as a writer my first year and then joined the executive board as the Social Media Director my sophomore year. As Social Media Director, I make graphics to post across our social media accounts. Most of the graphics are created in Canva, and follow our branding.

Last year, Her Campus Nationals and e.l.f. cosmetics did a collaboration to promote their "(S)e.l.f. Made Scholarship". For these posts, I strictly followed e.l.f.'s branding and guidelines. This assignment was a great way to learn what it's like to collaborate with an outside company to build content that aligns with both establishments.

Collegiette is our print magazine that is published at the end of every semester. I have contributed full-page designs I made in Canva for the past three issues. For this, I am paired with a writer, and I meet with them to see what they want to see for their article, and then I  get to work creating content that matches their vision and the branding of Her Campus/Colliegette. This is a super fun way for me to be involved in a school publication and gain some practice working with authors to build something we can both be proud of.

Scroll through these to see all the designs I've made for Collegiette over the past three semesters.