Cathedral Heights Travel Site

Course: Digital and Emerging Media Design II

Year: Junior

Software: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, and CSS

Link to Figma File:

Cathedral Heights Travel Site is my most recent web design. The process for this assignment started with me taking photos with a Sony Alpha 77 and editing them in Photoshop. Like all my web designs, I like sketching wireframes and fleshing out a black-and-white version in Figma. I prefer to work in colors and typography later as it is typically easier to change in CSS than on Figma. I generated the text in ChatGPT and then assembled the HTML and CSS. I included icons I made in Illustrator and a Google Maps embed to elevate the site. This site also features a sticky nav, a 2-3 column layout using flex-boxes, and a 5-box layout at the bottom. For this specific class, coding is not required, and only a Figma mock-up is. Several students, including myself, have decided to code all our projects to make the class more challenging and strengthen our skills. This project was the first I've done in Visual Studio Code. You can view my entire design in Figma.