The Amazing Life of Amy Winehouse

Course: Digital and Emerging Media Design I

Year: Sophomore

Software: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, and CSS

Link to Figma File:

The Amy Life of Amy Winehouse was my final project in my Web Design I class. Part of this project was getting the page thoroughly mocked up in Figma. In doing so, I had to edit the photos using Photoshop and gather the text and links. Some key coding aspects in this project include a sticky nav, the header photo of Amy is a background image, so it stays in place as you scroll, and the same goes for the outlines in the background. It is made to look as though the articles/squares float along the still background. Those outlines are hand-drawn renderings of Amy’s tattoos that I made and then ‘image traced’ in Illustrator. I coded this using Codepen. You can view my entire design in Figma.